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Photo Release Consent

If you have lost a loved one to Heroin, the Heroin Awareness Committee requests your permission to use your loved one's picture on our materials. We want to make sure we preserve and honor their memory in the most respectful and effective manner possible. The HAC wants to ensure you, the family, that we will be sensitive to the unique and sometimes challenging situations a passing of this nature can bring.

  If you wish to allow the HAC to use your loved one's picture on our materials, please provide the following information:

  How do you wish us to recognize your loved one?    Picture, Name, and Date of Birth/Death   Picture Only   No Consent or Loss

  How would you like us to present his/her name?

  Please enter any special instructions or information you would like us to know prior to posting a picture and/or information.

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The HAC Website
Flyers, Brochures, and other forms of printed materials.
Presentation Materials (PowerPoint, etc.)
Media Information (Public Service Announcements, Commercials, Billboards, Videos, etc.)

If at any time you wish your loved one's image to no longer be used, please notify us and we will immediately remove their picture from our website and no longer use their image on future materials. Due to printing costs, we will continue to distribute existing printed materials, but in the mean time, we will remove their image from our "active" list.

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The HAC does not support, endorse, or provide referrals to any medication, practitioner, or treatment program relating to heroin or opiate addiction. The HAC recommends that you call 911 in an emergency situation. Seek the advice of a medical professional to determine the proper course of treatment for your specific circumstance.  If you have health insurance, contact the customer service line for your specific carrier as they are able to help find providers in your area based on your particular coverage.